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  • Cantilever crane is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines and warehouses, docks, laboratories and other materials lifting operations, cantilever crane is one of the ideal heavy equipment to improve work efficiency, and working conditions.

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    The swing arm of the jib crane is a hollow steel structure with characters of light weight, large span, large lifting capacity . It is economical and durable. Classification. The jib crane series can be divided into: 1. Fixed column jib crane; 2. JKBK fixed-column cantilever crane; 3. Mobile jib crane; 4. Wall mounted jib crane; 5. Wall-type

  • Classified by Cantilever in Our Company 1. Cantilever Gantry Crane. Cantilever crane belongs to types of gantry crane that extending its structure, more often, the cantilever is used with saddle in order to ensure the cranes safety, and the travelling distance can also be lengthened to improve its efficient.

  • CMAA Crane Classification – A brief overview. As to the types of cranes covered under CMAA Specification No. 70 (Top Running Bridge and Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes), there are six (6) different classifications of cranes, each dependent on duty cycle.

  • Cantilever gantry crane. The gantry crane with cantilever is widely used in various open workplaces, such as port, railroad freight yard, and shipyard. A right outdoor gantry crane is vital to the efficient operation of your business, so here comes the question: how to select the right equipment for your individual applications.

  • Gantry crane classification. Divided into gantry crane and cantilever gantry crane classified by crane structure. Gantry Crane. Gantry Crane: the main girder has no overhang, the crane trolley is in the main span; Semi-gantry crane: legs have a height difference, can be customized according to the civil construction site requirements.

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    Classification according to the number of cantilever, it has two types, crane with one cantilever, and crane with two cantilevers. Both of two types have its own features, and can be used together with electric hoists, customers can choose suitable one based on practical working condition.

  • The crane consists of a column, a rotary arm rotary drive and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloidal pinion reduction device drives the cantilever rotation and the electric hoist.

  • Jib Crane concept. Jib crane is a kind of cantilever crane. The fetch device of the jib crane is spined on the arm or hang on the lifting car which can run along the spiral arms, the arms can be rotating, but cannot be luffing.

  • The "hammerhead", or giant cantilever, crane is a fixed-jib crane consisting of a steel-braced tower on which revolves a large, horizontal, double cantilever; the forward part of this cantilever or jib carries the lifting trolley, the jib is extended backwards in order to form a support for the machinery and counterbalancing weight. In addition

  • The "hammerhead", or giant cantilever, crane is a fixed-jib crane consisting of a steel-braced tower on which revolves a large, horizontal, double cantilever; the forward part of this cantilever or jib carries the lifting trolley, the jib is extended backwards in order to form a support for the machinery and counterbalancing weight. In addition


    Workshop crane with hook N2 L2, L3 C, D Grabbing overhead traveling crane N2, N3, N4 L4 E, F Scrapyard crane or magnet crane N2, N3 L4 E, F Ladle crane N2 L4 E Pig-Breaking crane N2, N3 L4 E, F Stripper crane N3, N4 L4 F Soaking pit crane N2, N3 L4 E, F Open-hearth furnace charging crane N3, N4 L4 F

  • Cantilever gantry crane is a kind of lifting machine that widely used at open places such as material yards, dock, shipyards, etc.. Just as its name implies, it has two cantilevers on the bridge in order to increase lifting capacity and protect the machine’s leg free from deformation, and cantilever gantry can also increase the travelling distance which greatly convenient to handle the goods.

  • Cantilever gantry crane: For cantilever gantry crane, it is the most common form of structure, and the structure of the force and the effective use of space are reasonable. For single cantilever gantry crane, this structure is often selected due to site restrictions. According to the main beam form, there are single main beam and double girder.

  • The Wall Cantilever jib crane provides hoist coverage and 200° rotation for individual use in bays, along walls or columns of plants, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system. The jib has the advantage of providing maximum lift for the hoist, since it can be installed very close to the underside of the lowest ceiling obstruction.

  • Cantilever gantry crane means a gantry or semigantry crane in which the bridge girders or trusses extend transversely beyond the crane runway on one or both sides. 1910.179(a)(5) Floor-operated crane means a crane which is pendant or nonconductive rope controlled by an operator on the floor or an independent platform.

  • Comparison of FEM, HMI and CMAA Classifications

    Comparison of FEM, HMI, & CMAA Classifications. Hoist Classification. Corresponding Crane Class. Typical Application. DIN 15018 and sim. DIN 15018 and sim. Maintenance crane in machine house. Used only occasionally. Light duty work shop crane, single shift operation, low average loads. Maximal load lifted occasionally.

  • Armsel makes cantilever crane, developed for mid-light lifting applications. Lifting capacity ranges up to 15 tons and span up to 8 Mtrs. Its unique mechanism occupy less space coupled with safety features, high performance, energy and time saving, easy to install and flexible.

  • The classification of gantry cranes is as follows: 1. by zhe structure: there are single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, box type gantry crane, truss Gantry crane, semi gantry crane. 2. by the cantilever: there are single cantilever gantry crane, double cantilever, no cantilever gantry crane(Full gantry crane)

  • This crane puts the economy back into this column mounted unit. This inexpensive jib crane provides a fast and easyto install solution to a localized material handling problem. Our unique design follows the same engineering criteria as all of our quality products and is ideal for applications where headroom is limited.

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