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  • Double Girder Overhead Crane Specification. According to the different utilization level and loading condition, the working duty can be divided into several classes. The working operation of the double cranes have two methods including the drive’s controlling room and remote controller.

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    Our industrial overhead cranes represent high-level Konecranes quality starting from a single component all the way to an entire process. Chain hoist cranes With its robust design, smooth controls, and lifting capacity of up to 5 tons, the chain hoist crane is a strong link in your manufacturing process.

  • Our overhead cranes for sale drive quality, efficiency and reliability for your facility. Every crane and crane component reflects our vast engineering expertise and industry experience. Demag’s overhead crane portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes. In addition to standard cranes with

  • Types of Overhead Bridge Cranes. Tri-State Overhead Crane is your go-to source for all types of electric overhead traveling cranes (EOT crane) or ceiling mounted bridge cranes including: Single girder crane: A single beam that runs above or below the runway/end trucks. Double girder crane: Consists of 2 bridge beams on top of the runway/end trucks.

  • Overhead cranes are efficient and safe lifting equipment, also called overhead travelling crane or bridge crane. These cranes come in four basic configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system.

  • Insulation double girder overhead cranes are suitable for smelting workshops such as non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead and zinc. Because the equipment on ground in the workshop has DC current, in order to prevent the current on the

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    Our double girder dual motor overhead cranes are built to a minimum CMAA Class C service, and those with the Type RA configuration may be rated for Class D service. Depending on the application, we offer a wide variety of hoists and under-the-hook equipment from the top manufacturers in the world.

  • Specifications of Overhead Crane . There are many specifications of the overhead crane in our company. Our company can supply the lifting equipment on a large scale so that the price is best. According to the number of beams, overhead cranes in our company can be divided into single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.

  • 10 Ton P&H Overhead Bridge Cranes For Sale (Two Available) 73' 6" Span Hoists in good condition 10 Ton Capacity 10 Ton Demag Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale. 10 Ton Demag Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale 10 Ton Single Hoist 95' Span Top running Independent Drive I'm a Rigger 10 Ton Shaw-Box Ton Overhead Double-Bridge Crane For Sale.

  • 10 ton overhead crane is a popular and cost-effective lifting equipment used in a variety of fields and sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, chemical industry and steel mills. The overhead crane 10 ton comes in four main configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system.

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