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  • The KITO Electric Chain Hoist Series ED is unsurpassed in its versatility. Anywhere a 220 – 240 V AC connection is available this KITO ED III hoist can be used immediately. That may, for example, be in smaller workshops and building sites and in storage areas, but, the electric chain hoist is also a dependable tool in dispatch, where larger


    ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST ED Capacity ED18ST 180 20 120 7.7 3 3 2.5 4 IP 54 F 25 25 92 73 ED16ST 160 Kito will not held liable for any malfunction, lack of

  • This hoist Loves both Electric chain hoists for maximum loads Hot & Heavy Even down Here Hand Chain Blocks for all loads Up for it even at -40 degree Celsius Our hoists – the branch standard Hard as nails solutions for everybody Special applications for all needs Individual on the top of the World Everywhere proved and tested Approved under the earth surface Everywhere proved and tested

  • KITO is the world No.1 hoist manufacturer, especially in hoists and cranes.This page provides information about ED/EDL/EDC/EDCL.

  • The ED electric hoist is a quick-lifting, single-phase speed demon available in a variety of configurations. The compact DC motor reduces weight, generates less heat, and maintains duty cycles to keep production moving.

  • KITO is the world No.1 hoist manufacturer, especially in hoists and cranes.This page provides information about Electric Chain Hoists.

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    The EQ achieves M6 (ISO)/3 m (FEM) class (refer to “Hoist Classifications” section), with a duty cycle of 40/20% ED. Supporting use in the most demanding environments and conditions, this long-service-life hoist is a heavy-duty product which can also handle high frequency or long-lift operations.

  • As a Japanese high-tech manufacturer, KITO stands for innovation, precision and trust. With more than 85 years of experience in the manufacture of hoists and cranes, the company is a world leader in quality. Our products move millions of tonnes of heavyweight daily in industries such as automotive or power generation.

  • Compact! Light! Easy! KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST ED SERIES SINGLE-PHASE Printed in Japan 30.10(SA.H)EDGE07-016 Distributed by: •The functions and performance of the products mentioned in the catalog have been designed based on the related regulations and standards.

  • The Kito ED series electric hoist is engineered for light weight and high-speed lifting applications. The ED Electric chain hoist is small enough to be portable, and they feature advanced hoist technology, easy serviceability, and industry-leading quality. Features : Load-bearing parts are only stressed to 20% of their limit at rated capacity

  • Key Features of the Kito ED Electric Hoist. The main body of the Kito ED is made from die-cast aluminium; it is this which essentially makes it light in weight. Designed with low headroom in mind the Kito ED is easy to install and use even in the tightest of spaces. These electric hoists incorporate a heavy duty motor with 300-600W. A compact

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    KITO is the world No.1 hoist manufacturer, especially in hoists and cranes.This page provides information about Electric Chain Hoists.

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