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  • The lifting capacity of the overhead crane can achieve 1000t, and the gantry crane 900t, to meet all kinds of project need. Weihua Cranes is committed to provide total optimized crane program solution and perfect service to help customer to save cost and improve efficiency.

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    M3 Crane’s all terrain fleet offers a varying array of lift packages that is available for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Crawler Cranes M3 Crane boasts a fleet of crawler cranes ranging from 85-440 ton capacity with varying arrays of main boom, jib, and lift packages.

  • HOISTS AND CRANES Hoist Classifications Lifting Motor Duty Ratings For a Dual GENERAL USE EDOC0636 Rev.00 Page 4 of 10 06/23/11 Speed Hoist Figure 3. Intermittent Rating (% ED) Cycle For A Dual Speed Hoist This cycle consists of a low speed lift (t1) , a high speed lift (t2), a low speed lift (t 3), a stop (t4), a low

  • Aug 28, 2013 · CMAA, cranes, hoist, jib crane, overhead crane, Cranes- Its types and classification. A crane is a machine which is having a hoist with a longitudinal and cross movement. The hoist of a crane consists of wire rope and hook. The crane is used both for lifting and lowering materials, and to move them horizontally.

  • Crane Working Class. Crane working class is determined by two kinds of ability; first is the frequency of the use of a crane, called the crane use level; second is the crane load bearing, referred to as the crane load condition. 1.Crane use level Crane has certain work cycles during the useful life time.

  • 5 ton electric hoist is kind of light type lifting equipment. It can be used together with single girder overhead crane, double girder bridge crane, semi-gantry crane, and single or double girder gantry crane or curve track. It also can be used as winch with a little modified.

  • m3 overhead crane working grade
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    May 07, 2015 · Grade 30 chain is not used for overhead lifting. You are planning to support an overhead load. Grade 80 or 100 would be the best recommendation for this application. Grade 80 & 100 chains have an alloy component that would allow the chain to stretch, indicating a failure prior to ultimate failure. Grade 30 chain has no alloy component.

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  • The structure and parameters of the hook are taken as an example of the main lifting straight hook of the 50t/10t bridge crane of a working grade M5 in the actual production, and its structural form is illustrated as shown.The parameters are as follows: single hook, hook number 40, strength grade is M, the maximum thickness of the hook body

  • Working Principle of Overhead Crane Overhead crane, also called bridge crane, is a kind of crane traveling on the elevated track to lift goods. Overhead crane move in longitudinal direction along the erected track and its trolley move in tr

  • Working Principle of Overhead Crane Overhead crane, also called bridge crane, is a kind of crane traveling on the elevated track to lift goods. Overhead crane move in longitudinal direction along the erected track and its trolley move in tr

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    The application of overhead crane hoist. Overhead crane hoist is widely used in factory, mine, warehouse, goods yard, store, building etc. For common lifting work, AQ-CD type or AQ-MD type electric hoist is ok, but for special working condition, like flammable and explosive environment, lifting hoist with special protection function is better.

  • purpose of this program, to illustrate the basics of crane safety, because with an overhead crane, safety is in your hands. Topics include safe operating procedures, pre-operating inspection, proper rigging and lifting, moving and placing a load safely. PROGRAM OUTLINE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT

  • A crane is a machine used for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine. Overhead cranes are used in many industries to move heavy and oversized objects that other material handling methods cannot. Overhead cranes have a railed support structure, known as a bridge, and a

  • Overhead, Gantry, Bridge, Jib, Tripod, Davit Cranes and Accessories. When selecting a crane you need to determine the capacity in tons, height in feet, boom length, bridge width, runway length, pedestal type, socket type, winch type, electric or manual operation, and connection points such as scaffolding, floor or wall. You will also need to

  • Aicrane electric crane hoist for sale. As we all know, different crane machine needs distinct crane and hoist for sale. Aicrane’s standard crane and hoist vary from numerous overhead cranes, which mainly can be divided into two big class in structure, the electric crane chain hoist and overhead electric wire rope hoist.

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    Ladle Cranes: These overhead cranes are specifically dedicated to the ladle handling; the operations are carried out by a laminar hooks directly connected to traverse equipped with an anti-swinging device. The working conditions are of high structural stress given by uninterrupted working cycles in relation to a high temperature and aggressive air.

  • 2,734 Overhead Crane jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Crane Operator, Receptionist, Galv Entry Crane – Flat Roll Columbu and more!

  • Overhead crane with carrier-beam is mainly composed of bridge, running gear fo crane, electric hoist and electric device, etc. The cross structure, which is reliable and has good safety features, and has a certain function of preventing swinging. It is often applied to the transportation of steel billet, steel plates and other items. Notes:

  • The mechanical structure of HB explosion-proof electric hoist is similar to CD and MD electric hoist. Explosion-proof sign can be divided into ExdllBT4, ExdllCT4. The working grade is M3, environment temperature is -20℃-40℃, the rated weight is 1t-32t.

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