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  • About Konecranes Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Regardless of your lifting needs, Konecranes is committed to providing you with lifting equipment and services that increase the value and

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    Scrap metal can arrive at a steel mill by sea, rail or road. A crane is needed that can reach into the delivery vehicle and unload it. Speed is vital: the faster the vehicle is unloaded, the sooner it can depart.

  • 10 T Magnet Handling Crane, with rotating lifting Beam and anti-sway arrangement provided in 3 Nos 30 M Span, Class IV Extra Heavy Duty Cranes for SISCOL under Consultants M/s M. N. Dastur & Co. in operation.

  • In the past, we’ve helped customers such as Rio Tinto use our overhead bridge cranes in their truck service shops, smelter operations, and beyond. We offer high quality cranes and hoist products at a fair price, and for this reason we’ve attracted companies involved in various fields, all looking for a better, more efficient way to handle

  • Observe the workplace to identify areas where cranes operate and how they interact with other vehicles, pedestrians and fixed structures like overhead electric lines. Ask the crane operator, crane crew, and others about problems they encounter at the workplace including with operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, transport and storage

  • Aluminium Smelter Cranes. High volume aluminium smelters producing in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of aluminium per year require cranes in all process areas including potrooms, casthouses and kiln areas. Cranes are also used in many areas used for maintenance of the aluminium making plant such as crucibles, cathodes, pots and metal handling vehicles.

  • mobile equipment overhead cranes smelter cranes
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    Ever since 2007, Gantrex has supplied a total of over 6,000m of rails for Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed), Saudi Arabia's largest steel company. This includes rails for the overhead cranes, (semi-)gantry cranes, and shiploader/unloader tracks. In many projects, installation was executed by Gantrex Middle East experienced rail technicians.

  • To elaborate the competence of the company in the field of Overhead cranes, product range is classified in the following classes: 1) Crane Systems. Port Cranes. Ship to Shore Cranes. Special Tire Running Gantry cranes. Standard Overhead Cranes from 630Kgs to 50 0,000Kgs (500 tons) with lifting heights up to 60m and span of 50m. Gantry /Goliath

  • The operators should be skilled to operate different types of cranes including service trucks, mobile, overhead, articulating cranes and tower cranes. At offshore rigs, the Crane Operators lift heavy equipment and sometimes supervise other workers and maintain routine performances.

  • A crane, a hoist or a lifting device is constructed, inspected, tested and maintained according to an approved standard (e.g. CAN/CSA Z150 – Safety Code On Mobile Cranes). A load rating / chart is accessible to the operator at the control station.

  • A crane, a hoist or a lifting device is constructed, inspected, tested and maintained according to an approved standard (e.g. CAN/CSA Z150 – Safety Code On Mobile Cranes). A load rating / chart is accessible to the operator at the control station.

  • Call American Equipment in Reno, NV for Crane Services

    Over the years we’ve provided a number of prestigious companies with cranes and hoists so they could service vehicles, run smelter operations, and even move heavy metal and load trucks. We can also modernize or revamp your old cranes. If you’re looking for cranes and hoists to get your project off the ground, contact American Equipment today!

  • Manufacturer of Electric Travelling Cranes – Electric Traveling Cranes offered by Furnace & Foundry Equipment Co., Bengaluru, Karnataka.

  • MCE has got 3 workshops of 1000 sqm each under roof and 2000 sqm yard. All workshops are equipped with overhead cranes. MCE has a fleet of LDV’s, Horse and Trailer truck, 4X4 Cranes Trucks and a 22 ton Mobile Crane. MCE is busy developing another workshop which will have another 1000 sqms and will be equipped a 50 ton overhead crane.

  • The company’s smelter in the Tak province uses 59 cranes of up to 16 tons, including maintenance and production cranes. The cranes operate continuously to lift metal from cathodes for stripping and lowering to the furnace for the production of ingots.

  • Products Areas. Henan Crane Co., Ltd is a large-scale crane machinery manufacture enterprise involving mechanical (electrical research, development, design, production, sales, installation, service, import and export.We have a perfect crane quality-control system, a strict management system, and strong production capability and advanced testing measures to ensure the production of high quality

  • Beyargon Van Boven – Senior Rigger and Trainer – ERG Africa

    Overall responsibility for the quality, standard and effectiveness of rigging services provided to the operations on the Smelter Responsible for the maintenance and control of overhead cranes in the Smelter Responsible for the positioning and setting up of cranes as part of the planning for lifts Co-ordinate hired mobile cranes for the shutdowns

  • Inspect cranes and rigging equipment. Operate crane in oil rig locations, construction, and building sites. Make sure that there are no specific risks such as electrical lines, building and other cranes. Operate overhead crane while changing carbon blocks in smelter pot while producing aluminum from ore.

  • China Overhead Cranes Stahl Suppliers. ZOOMLION Famous brand 80 ton mobile truck crane QY80V with high quality Foundry Overhead Crane, Smelter Crane 150T for

  • Maintenance of +100 overhead cranes and all associated cranes and rigging work, including the introduction of an aluminium tagging system that indicated who the equipment belonged to and the lifting inspection certificate locations (various companies had been using equipment with no traceability system in-place in the event of an incident).

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