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  • Floor-Operated Crane. Footwalk. Gantry Crane. Girders. Headroom. Hoist partially for deflection due to hook load and dead weight of the overhead crane.

  • overhead crane terminology – Konecranes

    AUXILIARY HOIST: Supplemental hoisting unit usually of lower load rating and higher speed than the main hoist. BOOM (OF OVERHEAD CRANES): A horizontal member mounted on the trolley to permit load and weight of the crane parts.

  • Overhead, Suspended or Gantry Crane kits. • Standard capacity: 1 – 16 t. • Standard span: 5 – 32 m. 1. Low-Headroom or Normal. Headroom Monorail Hoist. 2.

  • Frequently used in industrial environments, overhead bridge cranes offer designed for heavy lifting and can easily handle weights of 100 tons or more. Single girder bridge cranes operate with one girder supporting a trolley and hoist.

  • Cost effective due to less dead weight and thus less load on runway and Under running bridge cranes typically use electric chain hoists or electric wire rope 

  • If you need to lift weights of 100 plus tons, then a double girder system is what you are after. Overhead Crane Applications. Is a bridge crane right for your business 

  • overhead crane hoist weight
  • 300/165 Ton Top Running Double Girder Crane : Zinter

    300 TON CRANE FACTS: 300/165 TON TROLLEY HOIST FACTS: EQUIPMENT FEATURES: Bridge Span: 75'-0". Bridge Girder Depth: 10'-0". Bridge Weight:

  • An Industrial Overhead Crane can be either a monorail crane, a bridge crane, load weight you plan to lift and handle using your overhead crane system?

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  • Max. test load. 100 t. 1. 2. Traveling crane. Hoist. Test equipment capacity at The single girder overhead crane can be installed on traveling (Weight). (kg). Wheel diameter. (mm). Type. Dimensions (mm). L. 10/12 20/24 30/36 20:5/24:6. S.

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