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    caterpillar crane price

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    Feb 17, 2020 · Chinese heavy lift ship carrying cranes contacted Curacao Bridge VIDEO Posted in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko on Feb 17, 2020 at 06:32. Heavy cargo carrier WISH … Read More

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    Oct 19, 2017 · ALE performed the transportation of three cranes, weighing 1,800t each, and one crane, weighing 1,250t, at a container terminal at the Port of Algeciras, Spain, using … Read More

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  • Top running overhead crane has various types. For girder number, it includes single girder eot crane, double girder eot crane; for capacity, it has small bridge crane and large bridge crane. These cranes can be used for lifting and transporting material in different sites, such as factory, warehouse, industrial site, material handling yard

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    Top Running Bridge Crane As its name implies, top running bridge crane refers to the cranes which main structures are on the top of the plant beam. Compared with underhung bridge crane , top running crane is often of large loading capacity and high-efficiency, besides, it suits to apply in the plant which of high height and rigidly structure.

  • Advantages of Top Running Overhead Crane. The top running overhead crane provides greater lifting height than an underhung crane since it is mounted on top of runway beams. It is a better choice for large capacity lifting applications as it can lift up to 200 tons. This crane can also accommodate a wider span.

  • Top running overhead crane is designed to lift massive loads. Generally, a top-running system is much heavier than under hung equipment. For top-running systems, the end trucks are supported on rails, which are attached to the top of the crane runway.

  • Top running overhead crane is a hot sale crane kits series with multi-function feature and has varied specifications.The crane kits factory shall be obliged to the top running crane in designing, manufacturing, shipping, installing and field testing.

  • Top running overhead crane is the most commonly used crane type which has a fixed track system installed on the top of each runway beam. The crane can be configured in single girder and double girder design. Top running single girder crane: the crane is ideal for light duty to medium service with capacity up to 20 tons. It is commonly found in

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    Underhung Crane Runway. Generally a lot lighter than a top running system, under hung crane runways allows for more versatility usability. Underhung runways can be ceiling mounted because of being dramatically lighter. Also they have the ability to run side-by-side without interfering with one another.

  • Top running overhead crane is designed to travel on the top of track that is either supported by engineered columns or building columns. It is the most effective lifting solutions if the factory is not big. AIMIX Group, a professional crane supplier and manufacturer, provides top running cranes with high quality and best price.

  • ELV & ELK Series The advantages of single girder traveling cranes are evident with load capacities up to 20 tons and spans up to 120 feet. Product Advantages Low dead weight and more headroom by using a low headroom monorail hoist. It is the most economical solution in buildings with…

  • A top running overhead bridge crane offer excellent headroom advantages over other styles of cranes due to the extra lift height that is gained by having the crane girder on top of the end trucks rather than suspended from the bottom of the trucks as in underhung applications.

  • A top running overhead bridge crane offer excellent headroom advantages over other styles of cranes due to the extra lift height that is gained by having the crane girder on top of the end trucks rather than suspended from the bottom of the trucks as in underhung applications.

  • Top-Running Overhead Cranes | Konecranes USA

    Top Running Overhead Cranes: Opportunities & Considerations. Opportunity: Top-running cranes are the ideal solution for industrial buildings with limited headroom.Running on rails mounted atop the runway beam, top-running cranes gain extra lifting height over what is possible with an underhung crane.

  • A single girder bridge is supported on each end by top running end trucks. For crane spans under 60′, these bridge girders are fabricated from structural steel sections. For crane spans over 60′ (and some higher capacities) bridges are fabricated box girder sections. For Example, these can be 20 Ton capacity by 120 ft. spans.

  • A top running trolley rides on the top of the runway beams where as a under running bridge rides on the bottom flange of the runway beams. Bridge and Design Flexibility: The Boeing Project Extremely versatile, bridge crane systems can be crafted to fit almost any application.

  • Top Running Double Girder Cranes. CRS Top Running Double Girder Cranes range in capacity from 5 to 150 Ton, span up to 150′ and can be designed for CMAA Service Class A through F. This type of crane can be supplied with structural shapes or welded box girder style bridge beams, and in standard or low headroom configurations.

  • It should be noted that these figures are supplied to give a general understanding of the specifications relating to any particular capacity of top running, single girder, overhead crane and should not be taken as a basis for construction of any kind.

  • Top Running Overhead Crane | Single or Double Girder Crane

    A top running crane system. A top running overhead crane mainly consists of the bridge, traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, and electric parts. Durable material and advanced technology make our cranes a long service life. Besides, we provide a full top running crane design according to your requirements.

  • Top-Running Single-Leg Gantry Crane (end trucks on top of runway): Even in very wide bays, a long under-running crane can easily operate using multiple runways to minimize the depth of the bridge girder and, consequentially, decrease the weight of the operating equipment.

  • 10 ton overhead crane is a popular and cost-effective lifting equipment used in a variety of fields and sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, chemical industry and steel mills. The overhead crane 10 ton comes in four main configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system.

  • Types of 30 ton overhead crane for sale. There are various types of 30 ton overhead crane available in AIMIX, such as the top running 30 ton crane, explosion-proof 30 ton bridge crane, grab 30 ton bridge crane, electromagnetic bridge crane. Different type of cranes has different features, advantages, and applications.

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